Nov 18, 2002

I decided to blog for fun and what do I do? I turn it into a guilt-trip. By not being around for a good while. Again. I have no idea who reads this but I figure the regulars want something to read. On the other hand, maybe you've been rilly, rilly bizzy too and appreciated the break.

The busy part seems universal. Autumn's like that. There's a sudden WHOOSH of frenzy, of tons of stuff to do. It hits everyone. And I've also found that creative juices ebb and flow along with other parts of life.

On Blogger's front page, I read: "Over 750,000 people have started. Isn't it your turn to say what's on your mind?" I haven't had anything in particular on my mind. Oh, there was some bits and pieces, but I wasn't inspired.

Odd, huh. A bit like going fishing, and seeing there's fish in the water, but not one bites. Oh, wait, there was a nibble, naw, it's gone. Sometimes the thoughts that pass through my brain looking for the Exit sign, just wanna stay inside and watch a movie and eat popcorn or something. Sometimes they're simply too young to be let out on their own. Too incomplete, too small, too insignificant. Most act like soap bubbles: They float a bit and then burst and are gone forever. Which is too bad, because some were quite pretty; there was a story in them.

Ah, well. The marsh that is my mind will experience agricultural run-off soon enough and once again be fertilized if not fertile.

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