Nov 19, 2002

Full moons always seem lovelier in the winter. More suited to it, in a way. Right now Bergen is covered in frost. Nice, fuzzy frost. At night, the full moon and street lamps make everything glitter and the clear sky above reveals brilliant stars. There is one thing about the night sky in Norway: You can't see the Milky Way clearly. Well, maybe you can. The Swedes call it "the Winter Road". Nice, huh.

The most noticeable constellation for me is Orion, with its characteristic three stars in its "belt". I always associate Orion's Belt with winter.

The Big Dipper is clear too and is called Karlsvogna in Norway. According to this page in Norwegian about Greek gods and astronomy, Karlsvogna is actually the goat-drawn chariot that the Norse god Tor road in. (Karl is related to Charles, a name meaning "man" and vogn is wagon). Hence the Norwegian name of the Big Dipper.