Nov 22, 2002

Blogger's been a bit iffy these last couple of days, but it – and I – are back.

My thoughts this week have been centered on my stomach. That happens fairly frequently and all my Googling has confirmed that what I have is IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If you have this, too, here are a couple of links I've found useful: and

There is astrology to this, too: IBS seems to have no particular cause except oversensitivity. I know I'm pretty aware of and curious about my body's functioning. Health in a chart (which looks like a pie chart in 12 slices) is shown primarily by the 6th house (the 6th slice of pie), secondarily by the Ascendant (1st slice of pie) and 8th house, and by the natural sign and planet of the 6th: Virgo and Mercury, respectively. The 6th house is also your environment, your surroundings, including your work environment. If you are sensitive, you will react that much more.

Here's my chart: In 6th, I have the Moon (feelings, nurturing) in Gemini. The 6th house cusp (where the knife divided a larger slice into 5th and 6th) is also in Gemini. An Air Moon, especially in Gemini, tends to Think Too Much, sometimes, but it also is why I seek information, especially about my health. I also have in my 1st house a bunch of Capricorn planets, which means my nature is to Take Things Very Seriously. Opposite my Capricorns, is a planet in Cancer. Cancer is a worry-wort. Cancer is also ruled by the Moon. My Moon is in my house of health. So there is a tie-in from one pondering facet of my chart to another, facets that need conscious work to keep me from thinking myself sick, for example. (Hence my interest in affirmations.)

Now, why my gut and not my teeth (1st house/Capricorn), for example? 6th house is the natural house of Virgo. Virgo rules intestines and digestion. Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury; Gemini's typical complaint has to do with lungs, while Virgo's is bowels. The focus in my chart is definitely Mercurial. When I was a kid I frequently had bronchitis.

So, I'm a "classic" for IBS: I'm very sensitive to my environment (Moon in 6th), I think a lot about it and thinking can lead to worrying, especially with Cancer-Capricorn in the mix. Mercury rules the mind and mine's in emotional Scorpio. The subconscious nail-biting is the worst, and is what hits my stomach.

Believe or not, this relatively long entry is barely scratching the surface of exploring health through astrology!