Oct 7, 2002

I've had a bit of a woo-woo weekend. It isn't just the Full Moon that brings out the whackos; they/we are out and about on a New Moon, too.

A friend of mine, who's psychic (I claim) and gives Tarot readings, and I went to a movie. Afterwards we went looking for a café she'd heard had someone who would read your fortune in coffee grinds. We found a restaurant that looked right and decided to try it. Persian food and Persian decorations. Very lush, very nice. Woo-woo experience No. 1: The restaurant was in the same place a New Age bookstore used to be, and I used to give readings at that bookstore.

After dinner and enough red wine to keep me happy, my friend volunteered to give me a Tarot reading. I was quite pleased with it. That's woo-woo 2. We ordered Turkish coffee just to give it a try. And then the woo-woo stuff just kept rolling. The restaurant owner had heard we were looking for the coffee-grind reader. He was him. He read our coffee grinds, my friend gave him and his wife a Tarot reading, and I did his astrology chart.

Sunday I watched a new show on TVNorge, "Fornemmelse for mord", which is all about psychics helping people solve unsolved crimes in Norway.

Definitely an "out there" weekend. I love this stuff! :-D