Oct 8, 2002

It looked at first like the worst possible timing: The only time my dentist could see me was the exact same time I had a doctor's appointment. But my tooth ached and due to other circumstances, I didn't have much flexibility. The fact that my tooth had started to ache in the midst of other health issues seemed liked lousy timing, too.

I dashed off to the dentist, a bit worried. Something was stuck between my wisdom tooth and molar. I thought it was a bit of my gum, since it hurt to touch it. I also thought it would heal on its own. It had been like that for a couple of weeks. The dentist saw some inflammation. He pulled out the "gum". It was a husk from some grain.

Stupid of me not to check myself? No. It was a blessing in disguise. My dentist noticed that my wisdom tooth was already interfering with my bite and that it will become a bigger problem. I had sometimes wondered about whether or not to keep it. Now the Universe has acted for me. My dentist pulled the wisdom tooth. Actually, he levered it out, nice and easy. I was in and out in 25 minutes and we joked the whole time. My pulled wisdom tooth is now in a little box together with another wisdom tooth I had pulled. No more problems.

It's like whatever's happening now, is a sort of spring cleaning – "Take care of this, look after that." – saving me trouble farther down the road. I was supposed to have a small piece of grain husk irritating me for two weeks.