Oct 13, 2002

I'm not used to being sick, so this past month has been unusual for me. However, I told all my friends that by this weekend, I would be well.

I had no idea how extensive my healing would be.

The sort of abscess I had is due to, according to Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life": "Anger in relation to what you don't want to release."

I had been fuming over, been resentful towards someone who had hurt me last summer. Someone I thought was a friend, accused me of doing some pretty vile things while visiting. I was shocked to receive an e-mail from X weeks after I got home, with these accusations, since while I was visiting there was no hint anything was wrong. We haven't communicated since.

But it did get to me. And due to whatever divine timing there is in the Universe, I got the abscess. So, I spent a sleepless night imagining that I was having a conversation with X. You can do that, when someone you need to clear the air with is physically unavailable to you. Have a conversation with them in your head. It can help you get things off your chest and move on. In my case, the conversation was pleasant and understanding, though not conclusive, but I did feel more at peace.

Then, a couple of days ago, I learned that X had said mean things about and to several other mutual friends. I realized then that my case was not unique, and that it wasn't just me; this was just how X is.

I felt relieved. I felt vindicated. I am free of that past. I am healed.