Oct 18, 2002

I got an involuntary "holiday" from blogging – first by being really busy and hardly home, and secondly by not having Internett access for a day.

So, since last I've been reading up a bit more on Quaoar. This article also has a nice picture showing the relative sizes of Earth, the Moon, Pluto and Quaoar. Quaoar is a Kuiper Belt Object (KBO), and Pluto may be one, too.

The Moon... American Lunar Society currently has some great pictures of it.

While we're on the subject of astronomy: Here's a web site created by astronomers, but is has nothing to do with the skies. Rather, it's a site for those who care about the Norwegian language and the correct spelling of its words. Så hvis du er norsk, og bryr deg om språket – eller kanskje du lurer på hva særskriving er for noe – så er Astronomer mot orddeling noe for deg.