Oct 10, 2002

The big discussion amongst astrologers this week is Quaoar, the new world found beyond Pluto. The astrological discussion is about what Quaoar will represent symbolically.

There was a similar discussion when Pluto was discovered. Some of the things in the news at the time of Pluto's discovery, were the Depression and nuclear power. Here's part of a reply I made on the newsgroup alt.astrology:

Make a note of the news events that happened at the same time the discovery was announced and what happens in the following year. That should give you an idea of what energies and trends Quaoar would be associated with. That's what they did with Pluto. That's one reason why it is associated with nuclear energy.

Right now, I'd say the freakish weather we had this summer and the stir in the Middle East should give us some idea of what Quaoar may be about. Nothing plain vanilla, for sure. :-)

And who is Quaoar? A Native American god who came down to Earth to create order out of chaos, and then the animals and then us. Funny thing is, he's from my neck of the woods, Los Angeles. :-)