Sep 25, 2002

For some of us, the question about what to be when we grow up, is perpetual. It just seems unanswerable. For the past couple of years I have had some serious discussions with myself about what I want to do with the rest of my life, what job or activity will truly fulfill me. Lately, those issues have become so conscious, they are the topic of discussion between me and my friends.

Astrologically, I have Pluto transitting my 12th house, opposing my 6th house, which means the issues of spiritual service (12th house) and plain ol' work (6th house) have been in focus and the desire is transformation (Pluto). Recently, the Lunar Nodes (Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail) have also been transitting these houses in my chart, and currently are triggering my natal Sun (sense of self, identity, core desires) as well as my natal Lunar Nodes. The Nodes are considered karmic, meaning that they deal with large issues that have to do with our (spiritual) growth as a person. They are one area of the chart that can show what you are to grow into.

No wonder my mind is constantly churning around issues about finding what I have to offer the world, and what will truly make me happy.