Dec 22, 2013

Christmas 2013, Bergen, Norway

The norm for Bergen, Norway (at the end of the Gulf stream at 60N23, 5E20) is not a white Christmas, but a rainy one. Thank goodness for all the pretty lights!

Happy holidays to all of you! GOD JUL!


Jono said...

Best holiday wishes to you, also! We haven't been above freezing for about a month.

max said...

Merry Christmas, hon! We had lots of cold and snow, until it turned into early spring. It's supposed to be really cold for Xmas though.

Dig the weird weather.


Elyrest said...

Merry Christmas Keera!

I hope that it is a great holidays season with much time spent with loved ones. Doesn't matter if they are friends or family, it just matters that they are there. I've spent this Christmas with so much family that I feel blessed.

I'm behind on everything and need to catch up on all your posts. I just checked and it's been since the end of August, which is when I picked up and moved back to my home town. Living on my own and loving it - even if I don't think I'll catch up to myself till next summer.

All the best,

alice said...

Same here! When I lived in the Northeast, I needed the white coating to feel Christmassy. Now, a grey, cold fog will do. ;-)