Dec 31, 2013

New Year's Resolutions for 2014

There are two things I need to do, simply because they are important to overall health and sanity.

  1. Sit less at computer.
  2. Daily spiritual practice of some kind.

This computer—and the internet—are way too distracting. WAY too distracting. Hours can pass by and all I've done is look at stranger's pictures, and stranger's comments, and stranger's anecdotes, some news and a few Facebook updates.

Sitting for hours isn't healthy and I already do that at work. But I don't have something just as enticing to replace this addiction with, so I find myself actually a bit afraid to let go of it.

But that's what New Year's and resolutions are for, right? Get cracking on January 1 (better make that January 2 'cause I've got to sleep in) on new habits. It takes 21-30 days for a new habit to stick (if you've been practicing daily for those 21-30 days, that is) so just get in there and try to do a new habit every day.

Sitting less at computer: I need more exercise/movement. I also need to get my home decluttered. There's a happy combo. Housework is good exercise, meaning it's the sort of movement that's gentle on the body and yet gets the heart going and limbs moving. I will be using FlyLady to help me focus.

Daily spiritual practice: I want to get into "A Course in Miracles". Actually try to do the 365 lessons this coming year. Ever read that book? It's a Very. Slow. Read. Each and every sentence matters, however it's structured, and therefore requires effort. I'll need help with this (too). Will be looking for an app (preferably Android) for that.

Already got a Yoga app downloaded onto my iPad. That combines 1 and 2: Moving and spirituality. Stretch, meditate, get on the floor.

Feel free to ask me how I'm doing. Make me have to follow through. Try to guilt me into not letting myself (or you) down. Thanks!

In the meantime, have a happy new year's celebration and may 2014 be very good to you, no matter how you start it.

Dec 29, 2013


I was wondering why this moved me so much. And then it occurred to me: Their smiles. Their trust. Their courage.

There is a bit of pity on my part, I have to admit that. However, it is a testament to the human spirit that people get on with their lives in spite of what their bodies are like, and that, really, is what we all need to remember: We are never our bodies, nor are our bodies us.

We need to remember this: People don't pay us compliments because we look perfect to them. They pay us compliments because we look beautiful to them.

We are not the tool we use. We are how we use the tool.

We are whatever makes us share what's inside of us: Our courage, our need, our joy.

Our smiles.

Dec 22, 2013

Christmas 2013, Bergen, Norway

The norm for Bergen, Norway (at the end of the Gulf stream at 60N23, 5E20) is not a white Christmas, but a rainy one. Thank goodness for all the pretty lights!

Happy holidays to all of you! GOD JUL!