Dec 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Light-headed

Wordless Wednesday


Elyrest said...

Keera - I'm so confused. I feel a little like the statue guy who now has a glass bubble head. I clicked here because I thought it was Wednesday and I'm always off on Wednesday, but I switched my days this week. It is Wordless Wednesday here though so I must have lost a day somewhere.

I do love the photo though - nice symmetry. Who is Mr. Bubble-head?


Keera Ann Fox said...

Maybe you and I are being introduced to the time-traveling ways of Dr. Who? ;-)

Or maybe I just can't point and shoot, er, click correctly. Glad I caught you on your day off, anyway! :-D

Mr Bubble-head is Snorre Sturlason, Norway's* first keeper of the sagas, i.e. historian.

*) Iceland was part of Norway back then, and we call him Snorre with an "e".

Elyrest said...

Dr. Who must be the explanation! I refuse to believe that both of us could just be confused. It must be a time-travel experiment inspired by our lack of Dr. Who-ness. If tomorrow doesn't turn out to be Wednesday, or even if it does, our hypothesis will be confirmed.

Thanks for the statue identity. I now realize that I have heard of Snorri Sturluson, but only from Jules Verne.

Jono said...

When Snorri gets an idea for a saga does the light turn on?

Paula said...

Funny pic :)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Ellen, I missed that Jules Verne book. But time-travel is fun!

Jono, maybe that's exactly what happens but nobody knows it?

Thanks, Paula!