Oct 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Autumn leaves

Wordless Wednesday


Tom said...

I really miss seeing those autumn colours, here's it's just green all year round or brown if you're on the other side of the island...


Zuzana said...

They are turning here too, started about a week ago and will continue for a week more, at the best.;))

alice said...

We're not quite there yet, but it's coming, and the colors look beautiful!!

Jono said...

"The falling leaves drift by my window
The falling leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sunburned hands I used to hold"
I like the Nat King Cole version best.

Bob said...

Gorgeous colors! I'm living in the town of Gatton, west of Brisbane, at the moment. The trees here, the grasses, they're beatiful.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks, all!

It's been a late and unhurried fall here, which means I'm still enjoying it a bare week into November.

Thanks for the Nat King Cole suggestion, Jono. Perfect!