Sep 2, 2010

A weed is a flower

…that happens to be in the wrong place.

Yesterday's photo is a close-up of the sunflower that has surprised me. I started this summer with pansies in all my flower boxes, but they quickly died. One did manage to sow a seed, though, so I have a pansy plant in one flower box. Weeds took over the other flower box. I decided to leave them as an experiment and to see what they would turn out to be. Most I recognized as local flora, but one was a bit odder. It turned out to be the sunflower.

The other weeds do seem to be the flowering kind. And since they are welcome where they are, they are no longer technically weeds.

PS: I can't remember where I first heard the definition of a weed introducing this post. The closest I can get to an original is by E.J. Salisbury, found at this delightful page of weed quotes.)


Zuzana said...

Oh, amazing that you manged to grow a sunflower unintentionally! How curios.;)
I like the introduction, even though I have no clue who said it; it is so true.;)

Keera Ann Fox said...

I have no green thumbs, so the best way for me to grow something is accidentally. :-)

weed quotes said...

Lately, the term weed has taken a new connotation...By the you know how many of the U.S presidents have quoted about weed ? I know ! :)