Aug 31, 2010

A brief list of happy

  • Came in from the rain and met a co-worker who needed an umbrella for an errand outside. So he got to borrow mine. Nice to be able to help!
  • Got on full elevator. Full because our building superintendents had a cart for moving small furniture in it. No place to stand around it was left, but there was a place to sit - on it. So there I sat, joking with the supers, and offering a seat next to me to people wanting on on the other floors.
  • Umbrella was set to dry by borrower. Nice to roll up a dry umbrella.
  • Laughed myself silly during lunch. Even managed to be one of the ones saying something funny, making the others laugh, too.
  • Made a joke with the new boss, without thinking. Discovered that that went over well. Making the joke, I mean.
  • Cracked myself up writing this blogpost, remembering everything.


The Weather Alternative said...

Nice. Very uplifting!

gekko said...

Love laughing. Best way to brighten moods around you, too.

Thanks for the positive stuff!

alice said...

Very glad to hear it!

I keep trying to respond to your email, but I've just gotten caught up in another deadline, so the email is falling behind once again. :-(

Aileen said...

what a nice post!

Paula Light said...

Sweet! Keep smiling. :)

Beep said...

Sunshine in Norway :)


Zuzana said...

You seem to have had a happy day, good for you.;)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Thanks, all! All your comments are added to my list of happy!