Aug 31, 2010

A brief list of happy

  • Came in from the rain and met a co-worker who needed an umbrella for an errand outside. So he got to borrow mine. Nice to be able to help!
  • Got on full elevator. Full because our building superintendents had a cart for moving small furniture in it. No place to stand around it was left, but there was a place to sit - on it. So there I sat, joking with the supers, and offering a seat next to me to people wanting on on the other floors.
  • Umbrella was set to dry by borrower. Nice to roll up a dry umbrella.
  • Laughed myself silly during lunch. Even managed to be one of the ones saying something funny, making the others laugh, too.
  • Made a joke with the new boss, without thinking. Discovered that that went over well. Making the joke, I mean.
  • Cracked myself up writing this blogpost, remembering everything.