Jun 19, 2010


Probably a mistake to try to blog while tipsy, but I just got home (the photo was taken at 2:44 am!) from celebrating a co-worker's 25th anniversary at work. I had my own 2 years ago.

I had hoped that my co-worker's anniversary party was as wonderful as mine, and since we all hung out until nearly 2 am (when the bar closed), it must have been. She certainly was happy, and that's the main thing.

It's weird to watch the years suddenly go by. The inevitable happens. The impossible date arrives and, although expected, still catches you off-guard.

At the party, I was talking to a recent hire, a man about my age who started in our company about 18 months ago, and I felt a bit strange being one of the old-timers. I don't feel old. I don't feel like 27+ years have passed. Certainly, they don't weigh on me. It's bizarre, really, to think that at this point, I have fewer years left to retirement than the years I have worked. I have no idea how or when that happened. Who swapped the young woman I still feel like for the middle-aged woman I actually am?

I'll bet my co-worker is thinking the same thing. I'll bet she's trying to work out the weird convolutions of time, wondering how something so linear could be so unpredictable, as she basks in the love and appreciation that her co-workers dished out.

I'll give Time that: It does give some kick-ass memories.

Jun 11, 2010


Not posting on Facebook, not posting on Twitter, not posting here (more than usual), not answering comments or e-mail (sorry). And why not? Because life got busy and fun and busy and I find that if I am to get things done, I can't spend the same amount of time I usually do at the computer (i.e. surfing the internet) or in front of the TV. I can't get away from the computer entirely; it is vital to several of my projects, including learning Wordpress (in hopes of redoing my new website and maybe move this blog there, eventually) and finishing my weather forecast for summer, while starting on fall's.

I made the mistake of getting hooked on "Hotel Babylon", a British series about the staff of a five-star hotel and basically a well-done sort of prime-time soap with some interesting characters. They air it four nights a week here in Norway, which means watching almost every day to keep up. I found I can't do that. I can't dedicate that sort of time to a series. Weekly stuff is enough. Daily is out.

I've been amazingly busy at work, too, with a rebranding project (that's what it is called when you change logos and letterheads and stuff). It has been fun, because I get to be creative and solve problems, and even speak English (because the Finns don't speak any flavor of Scandinavian). But after pushing my brain all day, I come home some days no longer able to think another thought, so not much of my mentally challenging projects get done. (And in that, the joy of actually being able to keep up; I thank Getting Things Done for that, for the simple idea of "inbox to zero".) Today was not such an intensely demanding day, and therefore I blog.

And in the ongoing saga about work, a resolution: I keep my job - literally. I just change departments. Some time this month we two graphics designers will be joining the Corporate Branding (fancy, ain't it) department, and we already know just about everyone, having worked with them on several occasions. So where to next employment-wise is no longer a worry.

All in all, this spring has been good. Nothing like feeling productive, useful, creative - and safe. Wonderful!