Aug 13, 2007

The same and yet not

I went on a trip, I visited my mother and my childhood friend, and it could have been the usual. "Did this, saw that, and oh, guess what happened when we...", while passing the photo album around. But something happened under the surface, and the result was that I dreamt I was pregnant, a very pleasant dream (even though the reality of nearing 47 lurked).

I'm not pregnant, but dreams are loaded with their own (quite obvious) symbolism, so this means a seed has been planted and in a little while, I will see the results. What seed? Well, let's just say I saw "The Secret", and it gave me a lot of inspiration, inspiration I do not want to let go of.

I'm dreamin' big, baby! No more "Think big. Shrink to fit." (my long-time signature on Usenet). Now it's, "Think big and then ask for more."

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