Jul 28, 2006

I'm back and it was great!

Sorry, dear reader, for not specifying when I would leave on my trip and that there would be no blogging. I don't believe in telling the whole free world stuff like that.

I got home a little after 8 pm my time today, after 13 days of bussing and walking and humidity and 35C/95F in the shade, with a record-breaking 40C/104F in Budapest one day. However, we had a comfortable bus, a good driver and an experienced guide. The youngest in our group of about 30 was 19 (travelling with his brother of 25) and the eldest was 87 (travelling with his wife of 75). We were a good bunch, with folks from many parts of southern Norway, making conversation sometimes difficult due to dialects, but we eventually got used to each other.

And I definitely enjoyed both Vienna and Budapest! I want to go back. I took about 900 pictures (my new camera is great!) so it'll take me a bit to go through everything. I'll be making some photo albums and a permanent page of the trip. I'll let you know when that's online.

So after much delicious food and extreme heat, I am now enjoying a cheap frozen pizza and 20C/75F, TV, my music, my computer and even some flowering nasturtiums on my balcony. Yes, they managed without water for two weeks. I am very happy about that because they are, according to feng shui, in my home's friendship area. And I did exchange e-mail addresses with a couple of my fellow travellers.

PS: Alice, I got to see Hundertwasser Haus!


alice said...

So glad you're back! I'm glad your trip was good, but I missed you and was wondering about how you were coping with the heat in Europe...

I'm looking forward to seeing some photos! (Was Hundertwasserhaus wonderful?)

Keera said...

I'd love to go back, but I'll choose May or June, not July or August. Heat sucks. Humid heat seriously sucks.