Apr 15, 2006


Norway shuts down for Easter, even more so than it does for Christmas. Easter always has four "Sundays": Mondy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday (second day of Easter). Most also work a shorter day Wednesday. The three work days between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday are part of what is called "the quiet week". Many folks take a little vacation then, and at any rate have five straight days off work - depending on your job, of course.

This year, I've been home during the quiet week, and it has truly been quiet; there hasn't been much activity in the neighborhood. Just how quiet, was made obvious today: Today the grocery stores and some malls opened for a very short day of shopping. I live just a couple of doors down from our local grocery store, and there was a steady stream of people going to and from the store. I too wandered up to the store.

Pilgrims at Easter, headed for fresh milk, bread, a newspaper, more candy and other goodies, and more family-packs of Coca-Cola.

Tomorrow it will be quiet again.

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