Apr 23, 2006


I read one of Norway's most popular bloggers, VamPus, and her post yesterday gave me a choice: To spread the word or shut up. Since I definitely would not be helping by saying nothing, I choose to spread the word.

Iran has sentenced a 17-year-old girl, Nazanin, to death for killing a man while defending herself and her niece from being raped. Iran allows the death penalty for girls down to age 9; for boys, the age limit is 12. So I'm doing as other bloggers have suggested: Writing about this on my blog, signing the petition, and passing on the relevant links, to you, my dear reader.



This old man feels a kinship
to anyone that experienced
the High Desert of 29 Palms.

The wife and I spent nearly
three decades in the Mojave
Desert, but you did not
mention the incredible view
of the Milky Way, the great
expanse away from the big cities, the unclorinated water, and six miles West of
town, Indian Cove! Thank you
for a brief moment of recall.

Does Norway tolerate Mosques in their beautiful



Lily Mazahery, Esq. said...

Thank you so much for writing about Nazanin's case. I hope that you can join our efforts to save her life by encouraging everyone you know to PLEASE visit


and contribute to Nazanin's legal defense fund, as well as help raise the "blood money" (dihey) that is needed to present to the family of the rapist whom Nazanin killed in self-defense. Under the Iranian legal system, the presentation of the blood money to the family of the "victim," is the only viable chance to save Nazanin's life at this point.

If you need more information about this issue, please direct your comments and inquiries to LMazahery@gmail.com .


Lily Mazahery, Esq.