Apr 15, 2006

Magpie skull

Speaking of birds, I found this skull outside my apartment building today. I thought it may be a crow's skull, but it belongs to a magpie. I assume a cat dragged it here. You can see a crow's skull here.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Keera. Be sure to sterilize it (in a bleach solution for 10 minutes, rinse, then dry in the sun).

Bird's bones are so delicate. I'm amazed that one is as complete as it is.

(Nice try on the kitty pics, above!
having trouble registering w/blogger - this is from Sravana...)

Keera said...

Hi, Sravana! Thanks for the advice on how to handle the skull! I've put it to soak now, and after 3 hail storms, the sun is out again for drying. :-)

I'm sure I'll never find more of the bird for the reasons you say: Their bones are so delicate - and small. And maybe eaten by the very cat that invited himself in. :-)

Anonymous said...

How long is the skull?

Keera Ann Fox said...

63 mm from tip of beak to bump on rear of skull, or just shy of 2.5 inches.