Apr 14, 2006

Friday's creature

Perhaps it had to do with the weather or something, because after yesterday's constant downpour - with ponds filled to the brim, trees standing in water, and all the ducks I passed acting very cagey - today's fearlessness or perhaps laziness in most critters was striking (as was the now clearly lower waters and absence of deep puddles). Mallards were napping right next to the footpath, hardly opening their eyes when I came by. And I got within two meters of a crow, which was calling and calling, and I managed to take three pictures of it before it decided it had had enough of me. But it didn't fly away, which would be normal for a crow near a human; it just hopped off its branch and walked away. So with a nod to Alice's regular Friday feature at her blog, here's the common crow, as seen in Norway:


alice said...


... but I thought that was a hooded crow: or not?

Keera said...

Thanks! I can't believe it sat still for me.

In the US it's known as a hooded crow. Here in Norway, it's just plain crow (Corvus cornix) and it is our most common crow. We do have a completely black crow which is called a corn (or grain) crow (Corvus frugilegus), and lives near agricultural areas. There is another black crow whose habitat is western continental Europe and the British Isles - Corvus corone. It is not native to Norway.

Keera said...

I should say, "In English it is known as...". I'm just so US-centric sometimes. I wonder why? ;-)