Apr 3, 2006

Free advice

You have to figure that if you're looking for something, the topmost link on the results page after a Google search, is going to be a commercial site. The one I stumbled across just now promises me that "If you can spare just 10 minutes a day - I'll show you the secret of living the life you dream of!" Farther down the page, I see it involves 10 minutes at the computer daily with some software I can buy.

So I've decided to give you some free advice. It costs you only the calories it takes to read this and the bit of electricity running your computer right now. Here it is:

Be happy.

That's it.

No, it's no joke. April Fool's was Saturday. If you read enough self-help stuff, they all tell you to behave the way you want to be (a feat I find darned hard to do, myself). But look at the phrase "Be happy". Don't think happy, don't become happy, but be happy. It's not easy to do, and I keep having to remind myself to be happy, too. What it is, is living in the moment, of simply existing without all kinds of thoughts running through your head. It's a state of mind, a focus on the here and now. Being in the moment. And letting that moment be happy.

Many have suggested counting blessings in order to discover happiness. It does work. I've tried it. It helps to remind yourself of the stuff in your life that isn't a source of worry or dissatisfaction. Like having a roof over your head, regular meals, clothes on your back, the ability to stay warm when it's cold and vice-versa, someone who cares about you, a pet, all the free stuff to download from the internet. Those sorts of things. Be grateful for the basics. Then expand the list. It may not expand today, but it will eventually.

The other thing to keep in mind is that happiness is like an excellent meal: You have to enjoy it right then and there, and once you're done, it's gone. And that's all right. Happiness is not a constant; it's like everything else in our lives: Something that comes and goes (I can't tell you how happy I was to discover we're not meant to be happy constantly). The point to seeking out happiness in the first place, is to notice your happy moments, to keep track of them, add them up, create more. Like saving in a piggy bank, one coin at a time.

After a while, achieving happiness becomes a habit. It becomes easier and quicker to find that moment of utter bliss and peace and knowing all is well in your world.

And next thing you know, you are happy.


Sravana said...

Exactly what I was referring to, here: http://spiritspeaks.blogspot.com/2006/04/slow-postings.html
(sorry, can't remember the anchor tags).

I am happy, today, as well.

Keera said...

Your post is an excellent example of happiness in the moment. Thanks!