Apr 28, 2006

Alphabet meme

Found at http://barb76.blogspot.com/. Came across that blog by clicking on the "just updated" menu at Blogger.com. Anyway, the meme:

Accent: My American accent is generic. My Norwegian one, however, is pure Bergen accent and therefore very distinctive.
Bedtime: Always too late. I need 8 hours of sleep and prefer to be in bed by 10:00 pm so I can read for a while. Yeah, right.
Chore I Hate: I have to pick just one? OK, vacuum cleaning. I've never gotten the hang of that, even though I like my new vacuum cleaner.
Dog or Cat: Neither, currently. Over the years, I have shared life with one dog and umpteen cats.
Essential Electronics: My Mac, of course!!!
Favorite Clothing: Jeans and my Tiger Smile sweater. Not that it's my best look; I just like the clothes.
Gold or Silver: Silver-colored, like white gold.
Hometown: I have two: Los Angeles, California, and Bergen, Norway.
Insomnia: With age-related hormonal changes (that's perimenopause to you), I'm finally experiencing a bit of that, but not being able to sleep is very out of character for me.
Job Title: Gorgeous Babe Without Whom The Office Would Go To Hell. Well, that's almost true. According to my personell file, I'm a graphic designer.
Kids: None. Didn't plan on having any and that's one plan I've been able to stick to.
Living Arrangements: Chaotic. Cluttered. A 2-bedroom apartment furnished like a dorm room. But it's mine and I still love it after almost 20 years in it.
Most Admirable Trait: See the letter "J". ;-)
Number of Marriages: Quite a few, all of them somebody else's. No, seriously: Both sets of grandparents and my own parents have all been married at least twice. I'm opting for one only, if ever.
Overnight Camping Trips: No, thank you.
Phobias: Answering the letter M. Other than that, my fears are constantly diminishing with the years. I no longer panic around spiders.
Quote: "This too shall pass." Originally heard from my psychology teacher, and then recently learned that Abraham Lincoln said it.
Religion: Depends. If it's organized, I'm not interested.
Siblings: One dead sister and one half-sister, assumed alive. We're obviously not a close family.
Time I Wake Up Without an Alarm: Oh, anywhere between 7:30 am and 2 pm. 7:30 seems to be the norm.
Unusual Talent or Skill: Knowing how to make myself happy. A lot of people don't have the skill to make themselves happy.
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: None, really. I will eat everything served me, but I never serve myself string beans.
Worst Habit: Spending too much time at the computer. Heh.
X-Rays: There are the ones I keep getting at the dentist's. Other than that, I've had two chest X-rays. One was to verify that bronchitis was not pneumonia when I was 13; the other was a requirement upon immigrating to Norway, to see if I had tuberculosis (I didn't).
Yummy Foods I Make: Omelets. I'm a whiz with eggs. Oh, maybe this should be under U?
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius. Or, according to some, Ophiuchus.

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