Apr 4, 2006

Address labels

I get a kick out of making address labels. I'm good at the layout and have a sharp eye for errors, and I get the added benefit of catching glimpses of the different names of streets, towns and people, and also different addressing customs. And the occassional giggle (like "Garbage Dump Road").

I sometimes forget how to address envelopes to folks in the US. Differences between the US and Norway involve where to put the zip code (in the US, after the city and state; in Norway, before the city) and whether or not the street name comes before the house number (again, Norway does the opposite of the US).

As part of my job, I make business cards for Danes and Norwegians, and both Denmark and Norway use four-digit postal codes, while Sweden uses five, and Greenland apparantly uses none. I have also been helping a marketing department with address labels, and the most fascinating part about that, has been in seeing the increase in non-Norwegian names compared to when I first started working in Norway, over 24 years ago.

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