Mar 5, 2006

Sunday snowday

I took myself out for a walk today, just to get some pictures of the neighborhood pond in white. We don't often get snow here where I live (seriously, Bergen gets the full brunt of the gulf stream so it's downright balmy at times, for 60 degrees north), but for a week we've had white on the ground and enough freezing temperatures to keep it there. And unlike Oslo and neighboring regions who are suffocating in the stuff, we are not hampered by our paltry couple of inches of snow. We've even had sunshine.

But not today. Today, fluffy white crystals fell out of the sky. But to the north was a break in the cloud cover and a subtle coloring of the sky over distant hills, with a frosted pond in the foreground. Thusly:

(Any little spots you see in the sky in the larger version are actually crows flying.)


alice said...

Beautiful!!!!!! It looks so quiet...

Keera said...

Thank you!

Looks can be deceiving. Those crows were noisy. :-)

Sravana said...

Brrrrr... looks COLD!

Very lovely pic, Keera.

Keera said...


It wasn't that cold. You had worse in Rochester.