Mar 3, 2006

Resurrection. Restoration. And backups.

I got my computer back up and running. I even blogged about it yesterday, only to lose all contact with my computer again after installing an OS-upgrade, so I deleted that entry. A few hours later, once again, I got my computer back up and running.

This time, I'm first getting a good backup routine going, then I'm going to start fiddling around with reinstalling my extra RAM, upgrading the OS, etc. So I need to purchase an external hard drive.

But I have to say, once something had to go wrong, I'm happy that all it took was some information and time to fix. I already own a size 0 star screwdriver.

Tonight I even put my VCR back in place, something I hadn't done since I got it back from the repair shop around Christmas. Plug in, switch on, flashing 00:00, but works like a charm! I'm enjoying my M*A*S*H VCR-collection.

Now, if I could only feel like doing the dishes...

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