Mar 31, 2006

Philtrums - they're everywhere!

Ever been embroiled in one of those silly looks-like-life-or-death-but-isn't-really discussions on Usenet or online forums? You know, the ones that end up spewing lava, often over something that was simply a misinterpretation, or that could have been quickly cleared up using politeness, but took forever to recover itself due to sarcasm and nastiness. Well, I got myself into one of those, inadvertantly (also typical), and it was about philtrums.

Now, normally, the backlashes from such discussions, though raising blood pressure temporarily, manage to quickly fade from my mind. Rather, I'm pretty good at shrugging them off. After all, it's Usenet. But not this time, and simply because this time, I had learned a new word: Philtrum. And now I'm seeing philtrums everywhere, and everywhere I see them, I think "philtrum".

Actually, we all see philtrums all the time. My problem now is that this very specific feature now has a very specific name and it is forever linked to that silly clash of cyber typists. So every time I see one, I am reminded of that word - and of that stupid discussion. I want philtrums out of my head!

Usually, TV can be a welcome distraction, so I turned on "CSI: NY", one of my favorite shows. A new regular for this season happens to be an actress with a striking philtrum: Anna Belknap (best seen when she doesn't smile).

So what's a girl to do? Well, obviously, I don't want to be alone in this little hell, so therefore I shared. If my evil plan has gone well, you now have that stupid word stuck on your brain! And an image of mine to go with it.

You're welcome.

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