Jan 8, 2006

Page-A-Day Calendar

I bought a Page-A-Day Calendar for myself. I decided that I wanted to excercise the noggin' (to stave off memory loss, Alzheimer, his misspelled twin Altzheimers, and general brain-leakage) and picked up one that read Mensa Puzzles. (I've already discovered I've forgotten all my algebra and that used to be my favorite type of math.) The publishers let you sign up for an online version of same or for another calendar, using the special code that you don't discover until you unwrap the printed calendar. (I did open it on January 2nd; I keep it at work.)

So I'm browsing all the other Page-A-Day calendars, trying to make up my mind. I finally settled on these two calendars and am now trying to decide which one to subscribe to:

Duct Tape 2006: "From Jim and Tim, the guys who turned duct tape into a publishing phenomenon, it’s a nutty new year of tribute. Celebrate The Tape with hundreds of quotes, tips, Stump the Duct Tape Guys challenges, Wacky Duct Tape Uses, Duct Tape Sightings, and more. Mess-free eating on the go—bind your sandwich or taco in duct tape, then eat down to the tape and squeeze. Kite loss prevention: Duct tape kite string to your arm (not recommended for people who weigh less than 100 pounds). Plus the Duct Tape Book Club, how to make a belt-loop duct tape dispenser, getting the word out on National Tell-Somebody-About-the-Virtues-of-Duct-Tape Day, and more."


Zen 2006: "Ahhh! A moment of understanding. A glimpse of beauty. Truth that unfurls in the mind like a flower. Zen is East. Zen is West. Zen is a wake-up call for the spirit. Filled with gems of unexpected insight from Zen masters, philosophers, sages, iconoclasts, saints, poets, basketball coaches, and even silly movies, Zen offers a year of clarity and wisdom, and, of course, the paradoxical. Basho. Lao-tzu. The Buddha himself. Kafka, Wilde, Proust, Thelonious Monk, and Jerry Garcia. And Niels Bohr to Albert Einstein: 'You are not thinking. You are merely being logical.'"

Y'know, I'll bet zen goes well with duct tape.

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