Oct 17, 2005

Knocking life over

Someone asked on a astrology group what's up these days, since people seemed to be accident-prone, and experiencing upheavals and such in their lives – and all in the last week or so. Good question.

One suggestion: The solar eclipse exactly two weeks ago. I expected to feel that, at 10 degrees Cardinal. The thing with eclipses is that they have an influence if they hit anything in your chart that is the exact same degree as the eclipse, in this case 10 degrees Aries/Libra. Or was that Nodes? Well, I'll claim it, anyway. Hits my Neptune and Nodes, which are all 10-something.

Another suggestion is the inconjunct between Pluto and Mars currently moseying along together and have been for a while, at around 22 degrees (Sag and Taurus, respectively). Pluto is transformation and Mars is energy, and you may find yourself knocking things over and breaking them, literally or figuratively in your life, forcing you to repair or replace. With me, it's adding stress at work. Major stress. As well as my grieving not going anywhere fruitful.

I have natal Mercury at 24 Scorpio, being transitted by said Mars (an opposition). Yes, it's affecting how I communicate (Mercury) with people, and the issue is anger (Mars). Also, Mercury rules my 6th house and Moon therein and I'm feeling all this stress quite physically these days.

I can't wait till this transit eases up. I need to learn some stress management now and get a good night's sleep (also good for stress). That's Pluto-Mars, all right: Trying to transform how I handle irritation and too much activity.

Tonight I'm going to go through my reiki routine and see if that doesn't do some good.

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