Oct 10, 2005

Bad feng shui?

In a world where things run smoothly, mistakes are rare, big mistakes rarer still, it has been an oddly mistake-ridden week here at work. We don't usually have to toss hundreds of business cards due to malfunctioning copiers. And we don't usually have to call for service on both color copiers on the same day. Neither do we make silly mistakes like moving a fold 1 cm too low, forcing us to remake printing plates and delaying truckloads of letterhead paper.

Last week I blamed the eclipse for the madness. This week's theory for the snafus is bad feng shui. We are remodelling the entire lobby area of my office building, and with walls being removed, temporary walls coming up and moving around, etc., we may have disturbed some ancient marsh spirits (our office building is built on marshland) or at least the flow of chi. I know we've disturbed a support wall. Oops.

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