Aug 12, 2005

I'm bored enough to meme

From Ultraviolet's blog I have appropriated this interview because it seemed like an interesting change of pace from surfing Usenet looking for anything not boring, and shredding old bills and stuff (although shredding does have a certain satisfaction as the paper whines past viscious little electrified blades). (See how bored I am?) Questions edited a bit to suit me:

1. Can you explain when and why you decided you wanted to become an astrologer. Why astrology?

I didn't really decide to become an astrologer. I decided to keep it as a hobby. Basically, my interest is genetic. My great-grandfather on my mother's side started keeping long hours at the New York City library, copying pages and pages of stuff from astrology books. I don't know why he did that, but he did suggest to his wife that she give astrology a try, since she was such a nosy-parker, anyway (you had to have been there). Well, great-grandma actually had a knack for horoscopes, and wrote for the now long defunct "World Astrology". She even helped her eldest daughter, my grandma, get a job as an editor there. That job introduced Grandma to a lot of the big names of the time, like Marc Edmund Jones, Dane Rudhyar and Wynn, and she also got a lot of books for free. I inherited a whole bunch of them, as well as an interest in doing charts. It all started when I moved back to Norway and Grandma in 1981. Currently, my interest is focused on doing weather forecasts using astrology, also inspired by Grandma's stories about the astrologer Katherine Spencer and her weather forecasting for farmers.

2. What is the craziest thing you've ever done while under the influence of alcohol?

Kept drinking. Oh, wait, there was the panic attack, my first one. I had no clue what the hell was happening to me. Spending an entire night thinking you're dying has got to be crazy.

3. Are you a good cook? What do you enjoy cooking? Do you have a "signature" dish?

I surprise myself by being able to make tasty food (though I am easily distracted, something my mother discovered when she was rudely awakened by the smoke alarm one afternoon here due to smoking oil in a forgotten). My forté is anything egg. I do mainly scrambled and I do them well. I made a sufflé once and it came out gorgeous, which made me wonder what was so hard about makeing sufflés. (I had the same experience learning to play the clarinet; everybody told me it would be hard, but it wasn't.) My "signature" dish is spinach quiche.

4. Of the different cities you have lived in, which one was your favourite? Why?

I've lived in only two cities, Los Angeles and Bergen, and I love both, different as they are, so they share first place. But I'd go for San Francisco as a good no. 3: All the good things about America, while having a Europeanish compact city center and public transportation.

5. Shag, Marry, Push Off a Cliff: Michael Jackson, Rhett Butler, Charles Murray.

None of the above. Michael Jackson just gets my pity. I once met him - that is to say, he showed up at his CPA's where I was temping, was shown around the place, said hi to the employees, we all said hi back and that was that. This was during the release of his first solo album, "Off The Wall", which is still a favorite album of mine. Rhett Butler, uh, well, I never saw "Gone With The Wind" and don't bother to tell me I should. Both book and movie have been around longer than I have, so I've had plenty of opportunities. That should tell you my level of interest. However, Clark Gable in some photos reminds me of my father. I have no clue who Charles Murray is, and don't care enough to google him. Okay, I did google him. I'm so curious. Still don't have a clue who he is except he probably finished college. So he can be shagged, married and pushed off a cliff. I like neat solutions. ;-)

Now, the way this is supposed to work, is that when others comment asking to be interviewed, I will ask them five new questions. Or not. But if I do, it's a meme.

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