Jul 6, 2005


I enjoy how people play with words, making up new ones, and you automatically understand what they mean. (Can't think of any good examples, off-hand, except spork.)

Just now, I came across "successories", "success" and "accessories" combined. Successories are motivational items, like a poster of a cat seeing a lion in the mirror with a caption along the lines of "It's how you see yourself that matters."

I came across the word, reading someone's blog complaining about the phenomenon, meaning seeing people's offices full of successories. I know that stuff like that doesn't work with me. It tends to become visual clutter and get mostly ignored - until the day I feel like shit or do something really stupid. Then it too easily turns into a reminder of what an Absolute Failure I am. Who needs that sort of "motivation"? It's the mental equivalent of sugar highs: Sweet and satisfying now, doldrums later.

As far as motivational sayings go, I don't care for "carpe diem" (Latin for "seize the day"). Sounds like effort. I much prefer "This Too Shall Pass." Works wonders with worries and those dumb days.

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