Jun 28, 2005

What's that not doing in my purse?

Dashed into the local grocery store for a frozen pizza yesterday. I fished, search, hunted and eventually started emptying my purse in search of my large coin purse which also contains my debit card. I pulled out PDA, iPod, credit card holders (two) and the new black coin purse I had purchased to replace my old one, wondering why it was in my purse already. I couldn't find what I wanted, but luckily had some "emergency" money tucked in my key chain, so I got my pizza and left the store.

I searched my mind, trying to remember where I last had seen my old coin purse, and a vivid picture of me tossing it into the trash came to me.

Oh, that's what the new one was doing in my purse! (Insert sound of slapping forehead here.)

No, I don't know what sign the Moon was in. Well, actually I do, but it's immaterial. Sagittarius can do scatterbrained as well as that other Jupiter-ruled sign, Pisces, can. ;-)

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