Jun 8, 2005

No misunderstandings

In Norway, most companies have a one-on-one annual review between supervisor and worker, where each, in a private and focused environment, can give and receive feedback. Today my boss chose to have ours.

I have to admit that I don't look forward to such things. I'm always expecting the worst, expecting criticism only. It must stem from childhood because there is little - if anything - from adulthood that can explain this fear. I do get along well with my boss, but that doesn't make it comfortable for me to be in a position where I may receive criticism. Also, lately, my boss and I have been having silly misunderstandings (over choice of words and such), so before the meeting, I wrote an affirmation for myself: "This meeting is a joy and a blessing for all concerned. I listen with an open mind and open heart, and I speak clearly and respond with love."

My boss welcomed me to the annual review between him and me, and then handed me a piece of paper and asked me to write down the one thing I thought would trip us up in this meeting, but without showing him. I scribbled "misunderstandings". He then told me to crush the paper into a ball and toss it behind me over my shoulder. I did. He then said, "Now any problems are behind us." I cracked a big smile at that one, inwardly amused at the synchronicity with my affirmation.

We had a wonderfully productive meeting, neither being nervous or tongue-tied, nor struggling to pass the time. The feedback was mutually constructive and positive, as well. I downright enjoyed the annual review! Which made me curious when it was over, so I checked my transits for today: Natally, I have my midheaven (cusp of 10th house, representing bosses and careers) at 17 Libra, in a 120 degree aspect (a trine - sweet and easy-going) to my Gemini moon, which is in my house of work environment and routines (6th). I thought maybe transitting Jupiter, which is currently in Libra, was at my midheaven, but it was instead sextiling my Sun and squaring my natal Jupiter. What did stand out was the transitting Gemini sun on my moon, trining Neptune at 17 Aquarius, forming a grand trine (very sweet) with my midheaven. Boy, did my boss time this meeting right! (No, he doesn't know astrology.)

After the meeting, my boss asked me what "problem" I had tossed away. He was highly amused by my answer. (The aforementioned grand trine is in Air signs, adding focus to communication.)

Anyway, I'm happy, and I think he is, too.

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