Jun 26, 2005

If you woke up in the future...

...What use would you be?

A really good read should get one thinking. Good science fiction would offer some what-ifs that are worth musing about. Like what if you are put into suspended animation and revived some centuries into the future?

I - and many sci-fi writers - have often thought that would be a Good Thing. However, I've found a reason why it wouldn't: What knowledge could any one of us have that would be useful to people in the future? As any computer owner can tell you, there's nothing more unpopular or useless than obsolete technology. So unless you happen to be one of those historians or archealogists who likes to recreate how Cro-Magnon man actually made arrowheads from rock, there is not much you know that a society that still has electricity won't have improved upon in the next centuries.

If, however, the power goes out, we'll need people like you - but darned if we'll know how to keep you alive for that.

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