Jan 27, 2005

Uninteresting times

A woman at work today asked me how I've been. We had been talking about the fact that her daughter's father, step-mother, half-sister and sibling-on-the-way all lost their lives in Thailand during the tsunami. My reply was that I was not subject to the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." Compared to so many others right now, my life is pure bliss.

So what have I been up to? Not much and everything. I'm working on starting an astrology group in Bergen, together with another astrology buff. We were introduced to each other via the Norwegian Astrological Society. The Bergen group will be a subset of the Norwegian umbrella organization. Currently, we're planning meetings and making posters and will present ourselves and try to get members during the New Age fair in February in Bergen. In the meantime, I've had a couple of very pleasant Saturday meetings, and have learned that Bergen has a sci-fi club.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a low-carb recipe book, with easy and quick meals. I set about cooking for myself and got my waist back almost immediately. But it's not the sort of food I really like. I don't really care for meat. However, the food I have made has been tasty and fun to make. With recipes for two, I have half the work; I just re-heat the 2nd portion the next day. Now it's onto the next phase, re-introducing carbohydrates. I already did. Couldn't stand lunchmeat/eggs for breakfast again, and had whole rolled grains with nuts – no sugar, no milk, no rice milk. The only thing that really appeals in the recipes now are the breakfasts and lunches, but they look like full meals. Tonight I'm going to plan my shopping for the weekend. Cooking for oneself, with lots of vegetables (I cooked asparages for myself for the first time) is always more healthy than ready-made meals from the supermarket.

I need to firm up a bit, but am not much for exercise. Still, a few yoga moves and some push-ups should be doable. I just have to do it!

Bergen/Norway has had miserable weather up till now, but I live in a place where we hardly ever notice the bad stuff. We don't experience floods or hurricane-force winds in my neighborhood. I'm safe and can enjoy a wild and wicked Mother Nature, knowing I won't get hurt – unlike some other parts of Norway and the world. Since Saturday we've had snow and freezing temperatures. Lovely!

Some magpies were up in a tree, apparantly arguing about last year's nest (magpies build solid structures). And it reminded me that February is when they usually start pairing off and looking for twigs to build with. Gave me a whiff of spring! I think I'm tired of winter already. It's been so dreary this time and I'm hungry for brighter days.

I'm still focused on spiritual reading, Emmet Fox and the like. At work, a president who's been with the company for 23 years, was fired. Not a usual occurrence, and it started a lot of talk. He has Jupiter transitting his Sun. I'm still wondering what will happen with Jupiter now transitting my 10th house, house of career (among other things). I think it's time to put all my knowledge about affirmations to use and help myself focus more on writing.

And I'm wondering about this comment thing. Don't like the way it works, but haven't found an alternative (though I saw something at Blogger – I just have to find it again.)

I hope your life is as happily uninteresting as mine.


Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience with low-carb eating. I eventually added whole grains back into my diet, but I'm trying to shake the sugar entirely -- except fruit, of course. -a

Keera said...

I don't miss fruit. I miss grains. But I'd like to able to eat trail mix (nuts and raisins). :-)

Anonymous said...

Trail mix is ok in my book as long as there aren't any sweets mixed in (a guy at work eats trail mix that has m&m's! - gak!). Raisins are former fruit, so they're ok and of course, nuts are on the first page of the lo-carb diet. I make my own trail mix, though, from the bulk section at the natural foods grocery, because the commercial versions are all too salty and they add high-fat-low-grain crackers and cereals. --a

Keera said...

Differences between Norway and US, I think. No grain products in ours, but some have other dried fruits besides raisins. In Norway, trail mix is called "student mix" - extra energy for studying.

Anonymous said...

Student mix! That works, though the foods I associate with students are cheap pseudo-foods like ramen noodles and mac & cheese. I don't know when I started seeing grains in trail mix, but it's been some time in the past decade -- usually it's tiny pumpernickel toasts or chex cereal-type squares. When I make my own trail mix, I sometimes add the little sesame twists that they have at the local natural food store. Yum!

Keera said...

Ha! Norwegian students live on the same tried and true foods of students all over: Pizza and cola and chips and beer. Not necessarily in that order. :-)

Sravana said...

Now you've gotten me thinking more about low-carb cooking. I had great luck losing weight in December, but I've gained about 4 pounds back in Jan. I was so sick earlier this month that I just added in carbs and sugar, because I was so hungry.

But a friend gave me a good idea: giving up sugar for Lent (starts tomorrow). Perfect. But it means that I need to eat the decadent muffin that I just bought today in the next 6 hours - but if I do that I'll be on a sugar high all night long! - Whoopsie

Keera said...

So, how'd that sugar-rush go? ;-) I have found that giving up bread has had the most noticable effect - also on my digestion. Me, possibly gluten intolerant or something? I never would have thought it.

aaargh67 said...


['It works well enough. Better than this, yeesh!']