May 9, 2004


My stomach acted up this week, after the weekend at my friend's place, celebrating his daughter's confirmation. Much rich food – or perhaps not all that rich, just not what I'm used to. And so for a week, my stomach has not been normal. I've been waking up with a slight tummy ache almost every morning. Time to take my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) more seriously.

Anyway, the result was ending up staying at home from work and a related party. And this same weekend, a heatwave came. Temperatures in the shade of 66F/19C or higher at this time of year, are not the norm, but they seem to becoming the norm. So while I stayed inside, not wanting to brave the heat (heat to me, and also a bit humid), spring arrived in full force.

Today I finally had such an urge to get out and walk (and tummy was willing), so I did. I took some pictures, which you can see here: I was greatly surprised to see that the cherry trees (three in front of my building) were in full bloom! That's what I get for not looking out my own window.

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