May 25, 2004


I had to do something this morning that I haven't done in years: Go through my own dirty laundry to get what I needed to wear.

Today's clingy fabrics look best over a smooth bra. Lacy bras make the fabric look lumpy. But I had absolutely no smooth bras left that a) were clean and (more to the point) b) fit me. Those will be donated to the Salvation Army. But the dive into the laundry hamper told me that I had to buy new bras today.

My new bras/mine nye bh-erIn order not to forget, I set an alarm on my new Zire72 (yes! I have a new toy and I'm very pleased with it) so I wouldn't go straight home out of habit, but stop at the store. Since things got hectic at work and there was a deadline, I had to keep resetting the alarm, but finally, at 6 pm, I left the office and headed for the lingerie.

First shock of the day: My tits seem to be huge! They refuse to fit in a 75C/34C (Norwegian and US size). I oozed out on the sides and tops of all the C-cups. I oozed out around the strap in back (yuck!). For a moment I thought my future was going to be specialty stores in town. Then I checked the size on the dirty (and worn) bra I was wearing. 80B/36B. Well, worth a try although I remembered 80 cm/36 inches feeling a bit loose the last time I bought bras. (When was that?)

I grabbed a bunch of 80B/36B's. I tried 'em on. Heaven!

I kid you not. There's something about slipping into a garment meant to hold bits of you rather firmly in place, straps running around your ribs and over your shoulders – and not feel a thing! Absolute heaven! Bliss! Amazement! (And a bit of embarrassment over myself for not having noticed I needed new bras sooner. My goodness, did my old one look awful and not feel too good!)

Next challenge: To find as many 80B/36B's as I could since I knew I was going to toss some old bras, and finding a bra that fits wonderfully isn't all that easy. The type I was wearing was still available and I got two of those. I got three of another kind, and 3 other bras all different (one even without trying it on first).

At the cash register, one bra after another was rung up. 8 bras. At NOK 2361[1] (currently USD 346) I surprised both the sales clerk and myself. I have never spent that much on bras at once in my entire life! It was quite a first!

I got my bras home, took a picture of them, then decided to try on the one I hadn't tried in the store. It fit perfectly, without any binding, oozing or adjusting. I thought it would. I have found the size and brand that fits me perfectly: 80B/36B Triumph.

PS: To the gang at Blogger: Love your reworked, both the look and use!

May 9, 2004


My stomach acted up this week, after the weekend at my friend's place, celebrating his daughter's confirmation. Much rich food – or perhaps not all that rich, just not what I'm used to. And so for a week, my stomach has not been normal. I've been waking up with a slight tummy ache almost every morning. Time to take my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) more seriously.

Anyway, the result was ending up staying at home from work and a related party. And this same weekend, a heatwave came. Temperatures in the shade of 66F/19C or higher at this time of year, are not the norm, but they seem to becoming the norm. So while I stayed inside, not wanting to brave the heat (heat to me, and also a bit humid), spring arrived in full force.

Today I finally had such an urge to get out and walk (and tummy was willing), so I did. I took some pictures, which you can see here: I was greatly surprised to see that the cherry trees (three in front of my building) were in full bloom! That's what I get for not looking out my own window.