Apr 29, 2004

Sun Opposition Neptune

My "Personal Daily Horoscope" today from Astrodienst, a serious website and astrological service for both amateurs and professionals:

Surreptitious acts

This may be a day of considerable confusion and uncertainty. On the other hand, you may gain new awareness of and sensitivity to others and their needs and how they relate to your own. Your encounters with others today may be demoralizing or confusing. Your ego energies are not very high, and you are not in a self-assertive mood for vigorous competition. If someone comes at you aggressively, your natural inclination today is to avoid the confrontation...

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today: Sun Opposition Neptune, activity period from 29 April 2004 to 1 May 2004.

Aggression wasn't a problem, but that first paragraph described a couple of incidents that were unusual for me:

I had a dentist's appointment this morning, and so was taking the bus. My bus card had expired, so I sat down on a seat right behind the driver to fish out some money. I remained on that seat. A woman came on a couple of stops later, and locked eyes with me before sitting down next to me. I then realized that she was mentally handicapped. Then I had a thought that normally wouldn't occur to me: Perhaps I had "taken" her regular seat, disrupting her routine. I was wondering if I should ask her, but decided that if she didn't say anything, neither would I.

But it was what happened after I got off the bus that really echoed today's horoscope: A tall, gaunt, gray-haired man with bright yellow smoker's fingers – looking like the city's "loose birds" as we say in Norwegian – said something to me, but I just shook my head and kept going. Then I had a second thought. Some of the questions that determined whether or not I'd go to some level of Dante's hell were about giving to beggars. I was early for my dentist's appointment, so I stopped around the corner from the man, and fished around for money. I didn't have a 50 kroner bill, but found four 10 kroner coins which I then backtracked to give the man. He took them with his yellow stained fingers, looking confused. As I walked away, I wondered if I had offended him, if maybe he hadn't been asking for money at all. Then I felt cheap, that my sudden bout of generosity hadn't really been that generous because I hadn't wanted to give him my smallest bill, 200 kroner. And then I remembered I had a 100 kroner bill tucked in my keychain (the kind that looks like a small coin purse) and was irritated that I hadn't thought of it. I really couldn't make up my mind about my action or the whole situation.

Definitely "[how] their needs...relate to your own" and "demoralizing or confusing".

PS: No cavities, no problems, a cracked filling got replaced, and even the local anaesthetic felt good. Sun isn't just opposing my Neptune, but also trining all my first house Capricorn (teeth) planets.

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