Apr 28, 2003

I take comfort in that Blogger doesn't seem to blog any more often than I do. I am so impressed by those who have something to say every day. Well, I do, but nothing that I consider important or worth sharing at least. It's not enough that it tickles my mind; I like to think it should tickle yours, too.

This post is just thinking out loud. And about how things work out.

I give astrology readings every second Saturday at a café in town. Twice now I've had no customers. This past Saturday, when I woke up, I really didn't want to go in. I asked Myself why not, and Myself answered, "I'm not an astrologer." I got no where in attempting to find out what Myself thought she is, if not an astrologer. It was all an intellectual exercise; I wasn't able to get at my feelings.

So, I went to "work", not able to really focus and not interested in saying an affirmation for paying customers (as my good friend who reads the Tarot said I should). Instead, I repeated over and over to myself, "Divine Right Action in my life right now", which is an affirmation to let the Universe guide you.

Funny how things work out. Another astrologer was very social and talkative Saturday. We've never exchanged more than a "hello" before, but Saturday she talked about all sorts of stuff, mostly astrological and so it was a very enjoyable conversation for me. But there were some things she said: That there was no acceptance for astrology in Norway; that she couldn't make a living off of astrology alone, but also gave massages and healing treatments; that she never cared to advertise.

Over lunch later with my good friend who reads the Tarot, we discussed that last part – about advertising. You have to advertise, she said, and I know she's right. She has the spirit of a salesperson, anyway, which I don't. Still, some form of advertising, of putting myself out there, has to be done if I am to continue with this. That "if" is a bit more weighted than it may appear. I have to rethink where I am heading with this. I can sense that astrology is not my end goal; it is a tool for my process as well as for psychological insight, but I want something more/else (what I have to get back to talking to Myself about).

So Divine Right Action first let me listen to another astrologer's experience with customers or lack of (she has no repeats except for a couple of diehards who come back once a year for a Solar Return reading) and then to the experience of my "mentor". And I have a decision to make. I will continue to affirm "Divine Right Action in my life right now."