Apr 25, 2003

A co-worker was walking down the hall past my office this afternoon. She was hunting a scent, a pleasant scent. Somewhere in my vicinity she had smelled something she liked.

It turned out to be my office.

I had no explanation. I don't wear a lot of perfume and when I do, it's nothing heavy. Today I wasn't wearing any perfume at all. That lead to trying to sort out what possibly could be the source. I have no items in my office that smell.

It was almost like filling out a questionaire. Do you know the exact name and scent of your deodorant? Or shampoo? I read the label the first time I buy a product and use it and note the name only if shopping for a replacement. My brain operates on a need-to-know basis only. I impressed myself by actually knowing what products are on my body. They were more than I realized. I started with shampoo and shower gel, but then remembered the deodorant and hairspray.

Just please don't ask me what brand of toothpaste is currently in my bathroom. All I can remember is that it's in a longer than usual tube.