Feb 27, 2003

I got busy. Work got demanding (got busy), I am trying to get together a couple of websites: One for the Bergen Insurance Club and one for my own astrology work. I'm also trying to learn CSS and come up with some design ideas. Today I dozed while the CEO talked about last year's figures and this year's figures. No, he wasn't boring, but we were treated to a large and delicious meal just before the meeting and I had dessert, too, and I got drowsy. So I stared at my tan shoes and when I closed my eyes, I could see this deep turquoise and I thought, "Oh, that's a pretty color scheme!" and right now you're thinking, "After two weeks' absent this is what she comes up with?" Sorry, my head is focused on a lot of Real Life stuff right now (which includes tan shoes) and my writing energy and creativity has been targeted towards the New Age Fair next weekend.

Be grateful I have a friend who nags me when I've been silent too long. ;-)

Anyway, here's one way I keep up with current events in the US: I read PolitcalCartoons.com once a week, all 12 pages. Anything I don't understand or haven't heard about (like this week's SUV roll-over reference) I put into Google's news service (news.google.com/) and up pops an online newspaper article or a website that clues me in. I did this today and learned that SUVs have a high senter of gravity, that Utah allows people to take guns to school if they have a permit, that a young baseball player has died from a Chinese herb (contained ephedra) and that the most popular gag is variations on Sadam meeting Dubya for a debate.

What have you learned lately?