Feb 27, 2003

I got busy. Work got demanding (got busy), I am trying to get together a couple of websites: One for the Bergen Insurance Club and one for my own astrology work. I'm also trying to learn CSS and come up with some design ideas. Today I dozed while the CEO talked about last year's figures and this year's figures. No, he wasn't boring, but we were treated to a large and delicious meal just before the meeting and I had dessert, too, and I got drowsy. So I stared at my tan shoes and when I closed my eyes, I could see this deep turquoise and I thought, "Oh, that's a pretty color scheme!" and right now you're thinking, "After two weeks' absent this is what she comes up with?" Sorry, my head is focused on a lot of Real Life stuff right now (which includes tan shoes) and my writing energy and creativity has been targeted towards the New Age Fair next weekend.

Be grateful I have a friend who nags me when I've been silent too long. ;-)

Anyway, here's one way I keep up with current events in the US: I read PolitcalCartoons.com once a week, all 12 pages. Anything I don't understand or haven't heard about (like this week's SUV roll-over reference) I put into Google's news service (news.google.com/) and up pops an online newspaper article or a website that clues me in. I did this today and learned that SUVs have a high senter of gravity, that Utah allows people to take guns to school if they have a permit, that a young baseball player has died from a Chinese herb (contained ephedra) and that the most popular gag is variations on Sadam meeting Dubya for a debate.

What have you learned lately?

Feb 14, 2003

Another yahoo: I finally figured out what went awry with the automatic archives for my blog and I've finally acted on it. (Yeah, I'm waaay slow sometimes. ;-) )

Big yahoo!!! Wednesday I was asked to give astrology readings at a local café! Paid readings! On my day off from work. Yes, I accepted!

I read on the newsgroup alt.astrology.moderated that the Magi society's brand of astrology claims that Chiron transitting Saturn comes in years when something the native does "breaks up the relationship or marriage of another". Now, Saturn represents things that are the most permanent in nature. Saturn rules bones, rocks and time. Where Saturn is in your chart is where you have the most permanency, where things are long-term. This is why a good astrologer will look for Saturn contacts to see if a relationship will last.

The longest relationship in my life so far has been with my current employer; I have Saturn conjunct the ruler of my midheaven (MC), which means career. I will have been with the company for 20 years come April. That sort of permanency is very unusual for me, and has been totally unplanned for.

So what happens when Chiron now transits my natal Saturn? I get a chance to try an entirely different sort of job. How this will all turn out, I don't know.

But it's exciting, that's for sure!

A co-worker mentioned today that daytime now is 3 hours longer than it was at the winter solstice. I have my own little marker: When the sun climbs high enough in the sky to still be above the horizon by the time it clears the building in front of mine. I then get the Return of Sunset. I get rays of sun again on my living room wall. I took a picture of them, too, to show you. With a flash. I didn't realize the flash would drown out the soft sunlight. Duh! But I have a picture of the sunset. :-) Enjoy!

Feb 8, 2003

I feel good lately. Could just be transitting Venus crossing over my ascendant. Could be due to having something fun and self-fulfilling to look forward to and focus my energy on: The New Age fair in Bergen in March. I also have Chiron (keyword: Wounded healer) going through my first house, and it will be conjunct my Saturn exactly just a couple of days before the New Age fair.

I haven't studied Chiron much. The Wounded Healer is based on the mythology of the immortal centaur Chiron. He was a healer and assisted the gods. When he was mortally wounded, he couldn't die, because he was immortal. Instead, he had to keep living in pain, but continued to be a healer and teacher. Supposedly, where Chiron is in our chart, is where we are deeply wounded, but also where we have great resources. So I'm curious about having Chiron transitting my Saturn. Saturn rules career choices and karma. It's in my 1st house, so my karma is really about my personality, just simply who I am. Wounded Healer/Great Resources meets Karma/Career Choice.

In the meantime, I have some webpages to make and a brochure and the butterflies are taking speed and acting accordingly in my stomach.

Feb 4, 2003

A friend sent me this link to a page at innerself.com that compares the chakras to astrology. What got my attention is that the second chakra, the spleen chakra (right below the belly button) is associated with Jupiter, which is my ruling planet (seeing as how I'm a Sagittarian Sun and ascendant) and also is the planet closest to my ascendant. That got my attention, because I have a large, heavy ceramic "plate" showing the six-petalled symbol for the second chakra, Svadisthana.

I once heard a story about a woman who had seen a landscape painting for sale. She loved everything about it except for a little millhouse. After some deliberating, she did decide to buy it, only to find that someone else had beaten her to it. The seller told her that he had another one just like it, but, he apologized, it was without the millhouse (!). She got her painting exactly as she wanted it!

That story has been with me for some 20 years. It was told to me as a lesson that if you really want something, you'd love to have it, you will get it. I sometimes wondered how true that was.

About 8 years ago, a friend of mine had an acquaintance, Suzanne Lasher, who made pottery and had developed her own glazing techniques. Three of us went to see an exhibit she was having. Most of her stuff was pleasing to my eye, and I was thinking I'd like to buy something. Then I saw what I wanted: Off in a corner hung a large, round disc, with a funny symbol that looked like a lower-case A surrounded by six flower petals. "It's the spleen chakra," I was told. It was a very simple design, in colors I liked. There was just one thing wrong with it: An iron pocket in the clay had burst during heating and created a huge blister on the surface. That ruined the disc for me.

I thought about buying something else, but really wanted that chakra disc. My friend said maybe I'd find something else I'd like at Lasher's studio; it would also probably be cheaper since there wouldn't be a gallery charge. We visited Lasher and got a tour of her studio. One of the first things I saw casually lying on a counter was the chakra disc! Without the huge iron blister! It became mine, just as I wanted it. I was also amazed that the millhouse-in-the-painting story had come true for me.

Some things are just meant to be. Why this disc? The spleen chakra has to do with joy and creativity. Now I have found out it is also associated with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism. My chakra disc still makes me happy; I feel balanced, at ease when I look at it.

About the disc: It's about 36 cm in diameter, 1 cm thick. In the flower petal at the 3 o'clock position, you can see a small iron blister. I find this one charming; it adds to the organic feel.

Hva jeg gjør akkurat nå? Ser på naturprogram om mår sammen med katten min. Måren beveger seg jo som katter, og det samt alle fuglene og fuglelydene gjr at programmet som går akkurat nå på NRK er ypperlig familieunderholdning for både tobeinte og firbeinte. Pus følger veldig godt med. Hun har ypperlig utsikt til TV-en fra toppen av salongbordet. :-)

Feb 1, 2003

I got a correction about my Mercury retrograde post from my good friend Julie. Here's what she had to say:

"Just a note about ME Rx in your blog – planets are closer to Earth when they are retrograde. The outers (Mars [on] out) need to be 120 degrees or more ahead/[after] the sun to be retrograde, otherwise they are direct. Makes oppositions more interesting, I suppose – any planet has to be retrograde to be at opposition. (Which leaves out Mercury and Venus, funny thing!)

"Mercury and Venus are, of course, the exceptions. But I take exception (!) to your assertion that Venus is retrograde 3 [times] a year, I don't think that's the case. I can remember only one Venus Rx in the past 3 years, and from a cursory look at my planetarium software, it isn't Rx for this whole calendar year..."

She's right. Venus was retrograde (Rx) only once last year (October/November) and not at all this year.

Since what Julie says may be difficult to visualize, I found another web page that illustrates the retrograde motion.

I'm crying over the news of the space shuttle Columbia breaking up and disappearing in midair. I surprised myself by crying so much. And I realize it hurts because everything is so wrong and difficult these days for America. I've always been a big fan of the space program, the one huge expenditure of the government that brought the people together and let us dream together, instead of huddling in fear together.


Another thing that makes it sad is that Columbia was the first space shuttle. NASA's page about Columbia.