Dec 18, 2002

Today we started the work day with a so-called Christmas breakfast, music and carols. Part of the lyrics in the Christmas carols we sang are about praising the our Saviour who ensures us eternal life and the end of death. In "Mary's Boy Child" the line is "[...]man will live forever more because of Christmas day". Which always gets me thinking.

I am not Christian, though I was raised in a Christian culture. I believe in reincarnation. Christianity just doesn't make sense to me without reincarnation, but today's Christians talk as if there is only this one life. So I decided to go Googling. I found this article series on Christ and reincarnation, (Origen's thinking echos a lot of my own). For the record, the claims at the above site are refuted at this Christian site. This is, however, the modern view. There have been councils held, where theology and doctrine were discussed, and interpretations settled and some even discarded – which includes reincarnation.