Dec 23, 2002

OK, something is pushing on my Saturn, I guess, which is at 16 degrees of Capricorn. 3 times today I had to get after people who weren't doing their job right. (Saturn and Capricorn rule bosses, if not bossiness.) It wasn't intentional.

  1. I saw a blind couple heading towards my bus stop when the bus arrived. I got on, and then the bus driver immediately started to pull out. I pointed out the couple trying to hurry. The bus driver didn't catch on. More intensely, I again pointed out the couple and that they were blind. (Obvious to me: They had a seeing-eye dog with them.) The bus driver finally waited for them.
  2. I bought a calendar to be gift-wrapped and a book for myself to read. While one clerk gift-wrapped the calendar, another clerk started fiddling with the book still on the counter. I said it was mine, paid for, I was waiting for another purchase. She proceded to put the book in a small bag (that was too small for the calendar). I asked her to just leave it because I didn't want two bags. She didn't hear me. I ended up taking the book out of its bag myself.
  3. Coffee shop. Ordered a pasta dish and a glass of wine. Sat down. Expected the drink to arrive rather quickly. After a while I realized that wasn't going to happen, so I went back to the cashier/waitress and asked if I couldn't have my wine now while I waited for my food. The look on her face told me she'd completely forgotten about it. I got my wine immediately.

I have to laugh at things like this. It's like there's a theme for the day. I was in town with a friend and he said it was a stressful day. Oh? I said. Did you know that the Moon is in 16 Leo right now, squaring Venus at 16 Scorpio? Moon is, among other things, the public and emotions. Venus is, among other things, a hostess, someone meant to make you feel at ease. The two were at odds with (square) each other for a while today.