Jul 31, 2002

Went and got my hair cut today. I have been going to the same hairdresser for 20 years. I have not had the same cut, though. My hairdresser is bold and creative and gets me to try new things, while taking into consideration that I have very fine, straight hair.

There are two things I always look for first when I move to a new town: A hairdresser and a dentist. My hair and my teeth are important. I also don't switch once I find a hairdresser or dentist I'm happy with. I've also been going to the same dentist's office for 20 years (my original dentist died several years ago, though).

There is an astrological reason for this: I have a bunch of planets in Capricorn in my 1st house. Here's the translation: Capricorn represents longevity or things that take time. The first house has to do with appearance. One of my Capricorn planets is Saturn, which rules bones, including teeth. Another of my Capricorn planets is Venus, the ruler of beauty and things feminine. My longest relationships have been with my hairdresser and dentist. ;-)