Jul 23, 2002

This may become addicting. Or not. Anyway, today the Sun goes into Leo and we enter what are known as the Dog Days, best known for heat and milk turning sour. How did lions and dogs get mixed in together? I just found out myself at http://starryskies.com/Artshtml/dln/4-98/leo.html. More Leo stuff: The Egyptians worshiped Sirius in the days of the pyramids and before. The Sphinx originally had a lion's head but with the change in religions, the lion had to go (sort of like Christians adopting Yule as the birthday of Christ). Back when the Sphinx was made, the constellation Leo rose on the spring equinox. Today we see the constellation of Pisces.

Tomorrow the Moon will be full. Right now it's still in Capricorn, on my Saturn, approaching my Venus, so of course the first thing I did was go edit the colors of my new blog – to something a bit Saturnian: Muted (the original colors were rather pumpkinny). :-) Venus rules beauty and harmony and at the time of this writing, Venus was rising at my latitude and longitude (60N23, 5E20). Capricorn itself has nothing to do with it. Signs are a way of seeing if the current movements of the Moon, for example, are touching something in a person's own birth chart. I have Saturn in Capricorn, the Moon is in Capricorn. It's a bit like a letter actually ending up in the mailbox according to the address on the envelope it's in. BTW, the Yule reference is typical Saturn, too. :-) Think Saturnalia.

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