Feb 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Longing for more of this

Wordless Wednesday


Tom said...

Oh my. That looks like a California beach but what do I know? (apart from you labeled the post with California!). Where is that? I might be there in a couple of weeks!

Looks like CA to me, maybe around LA? Those mountains in the background look like the ones north of LA.

I'm going to be there in a couple of weeks. I can't wait...

Can you tell I'm exited?


Paula said...

I hope the weather is warmer for you when you get here, Tom, because it's FREEZING now. Omg. Weird!!

Nice pic, Keera. :)

Elyrest said...

In northern Ohio, US it is 70 on the last day of February. The crocuses are already up and I've seen hints of daffodils. In Trinidad, CA, where I lived for ten years it was 39 this morning and they are forecasting snow. The world is going crazy.

alice said...

Can I come?!?

Jono said...

Oh, to feel a little warm sand between my toes.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Tom, well done! It's Venice Beach looking towards Santa Monica and her mountains.

Paula, thanks! Is it freezing like it did last year? Because that was very strange! Of course, a heatwave at Christmas is strange, too.

Elyrest, we're headed for an earlyish spring in Norway, too. The snow's almost gone in our mountains which is way too soon.

Alice and Jono, say hi to Tom when you meet him on the warm, sunny beach! I have to stay put for a bit. :-)

Tom said...

It's another four days until I'm back in CA. Wish I could take back the "exited" comment and replace it with "excited"!

I've seen the weather forecast so it looks as though CA is as cold as the UK for the time being but that's nice - good beaches without the sun-worshiping surfer dudes. I'm fine with that!

In the meantime I'm just loving the English countryside but am hoping to take a picture or two of the California coast in flower season next week!

Hope you had a great time in CA, Keera!